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Customer Reviews


Thank you Springfree for assisting the healthy development of our children through innovative play and physical development tool 

After almost a month of regular trampolining, my youngest two years and 8 months grandson, Ben, has recorded a one and a half centimeter height to read 101.5 cm. This fact was suggested earlier by the measurement of the second grandson, 5 years and 11 months Zanto who measured 129 cm., an increase of 2 cm. plus a two kilogram weight gain for which Krue Poupee, the mother, was somewhat worried.   I have no news about ZenZee, the eldest grandson, as he was not available today. 

This is the fact that supports my believe that rythmic stretching and jumping enhance the lengthening of children long bones, especially those of the lower extremities. This is because the area where long bone meets up with respective joint has not been completely sealed as in matured adult. Therefore, I expected a certain degree of lengthening of long bone of the legs of my grandsons after 3-4 weeks of regular trampolining simulating the time that bone cells take to repair a fractured bone.  The result was positive and confirmed that children can become taller with REGULAR trampolining.
In general responses of these children has been continuously positive for this SpringFree trampoline which can withstand the heavy rains and the heat from direct sun light together with uncountable numbers of plays enjoyed by children of various ages that come to Eurythmics school

Thank you for assisting the healthy development of our children through your innovative playing and physical development tool, the SpringFree trampoline.

Dr. Damras Rojanasthien, MD., FRCST.



We love it!!

I have had the large square trampoline for almost a year and we love it! I love how my son (and his friends) cannot fall through the springs or netting because everything is connected in such a way that it's not possible to do so (and there are no springs). All of our family and friends love it and even parents who wouldn't normally let their kids jump on trampolines, let their kids jump on ours. It's the best thing I have in my backyard!

Patricia Prince


Best Investment

I would highly recommend the Springfree Trampoline . It is well worth the extra money for the safety aspect alone. We have had ours now for around 4 yrs & it is still in near perfect condition. Our kids & their friends have hours of fun on it & I don’t have to worry about them injuring themselves. A GREAT INVESTMENT

Sanctury Point, NSW,AUSTRALIA


I love playing on our Springfree Tampoline with my kids

My 4year old and 17 month old equally love our new Springfree Trampoline and I enjoy wrestling and "playing Karate" with them with the peace of mind that they are totally safe and getting some great exercise. It’s also been fun watching the neighborhood kids coming over to play without worrying that any of them will get hurt.  It is an amazing cardio workout as well. I’ve been training and running some 5k races and I have to say, you get a great workout just jumping around in one of these. Thanks Springfree

James O'Sullivan
Plainfield, Illinois,UNITED STATES


We love Love LOVE our SpringFree Trampoline!

We had never really considered a trampoline for our children until we spent time with friends who have a Springfree. Our 3 year old daughter Lauren spent every moment she could on it.

This is significant. Lauren was born with a genetic condition which includes, among other complications, low muscle tone (hypotonia) and hyperextensible joints. This means Lauren's body has to work extra hard to accomplish things most of us take for granted, - things like sitting upright for a long time or running with her friends. The only solution is to build her endurance.

Lauren's physiotherapist confirmed that a trampoline would be ideal. To build her endurance, she needs to do a "task" until she is fatigued, rest for 5 to 10 minutes then do the task again. With a Springfree trampoline, getting her to get back in to bounce some more takes very little instigating on our part. With how much work goes into keeping Lauren going, (and having been through a broken tibia with our 5 year old son) we were not going to take any chances with another style of trampoline. It was Springfree or nothing!

We couldn't be any happier with our choice - the kids are happy and active which makes us happy.
And for a world where exceptional customer service is pretty well non-existent, my faith was restored by Megan. For anyone who is skeptical, call Springfree, send them an email, talk to Megan and your faith will be restored. Not everyone is out for themselves. Megan made our experiences well worth remembering.

Springfree trampolines are an exceptional product, with equally exceptional workmanship and truly amazing staff.
Thank you thank you thank you for making this a fabulous summer for us!
Mom to Lauren (3) and Roman (5)

Robyn Ferrier


Awesome for Autism!!

We won this trampoline on a Springfree facebook contest and couldn't be happier! My almost 5 year old son Nathan, has severe autism and is non-verbal. My 8 year old daughter Veronica, has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. We've been thinking about getting a trampoline for a long time, to help with the kid's therapies, muscles strength, activity level, and for plain old fun & exercise - but we were afraid of them getting hurt. I saw the contest for Springfree, read all about their trampolines, and decided that even if we didn't win one, this was the way to go. Well, let me tell you - ever since we got the trampoline, my children exhaust themselves on it every evening. It has gotten to the point where they don't even watch television at night anymore!! How amazing is that?!! This is the BEST thing I could have ever had gotten for my children and I can't believe that we won it at no cost!! My children LOVE their trampoline and I'm so thankful to Springfree. My family and I highly recommend their trampolines and also the company! Kristen & Richard are always available to answer questions, share stories & videos, and just to be your friends! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Springfree. I couldn't ask for anything better for my children! My non-verbal son is constantly jumping, laughing, and playing with his sister on his beautiful trampoline!!

 Beth Henry


This product is just better than the rest

We've used Spring Free Trampolines for a number of years and they are a great product at our Camp. Kids love it and it is safe. The net and fact that the surface extends right to the net line make this product the safest Trampoline I have ever used.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has an interest in the activity as SpringFree is a superior product.


Andrew Martin
Longford Mills, Ontario,CANADA


We love our Springfree Tramp

We love our Springfree Trampoline, and recommend it to anyone who admires it when their kids come to play. It is so much safer and has lasted in all weather conditions when our friends 'tramps' nets have perished and broken and the mat looks tatty. Yes, it costs more, but it will last a lifetime and our kids safety (and ours!) is worth it!


A Howie