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What is a trampoline?
Trampoline is considered as a sport equipment used for jumping and exercising. Trampoline is originally derived from fitness training performed by servicemen in World War II and even astronauts used trampolines to help with body positioning in space.  It has grown to Olympic sport status and is now a recognized gymnastics discipline worldwide.

What are the benefits of trampoline
Trampoline can help children with the development of their sensory motor skills, coordination, control and balance - the foundation of all sports.  It is a great way to help children keep fit, enhance their stretching and flexibility, strengthen their whole body and promote greater bone density.

Trampolining or Jumping on a trampoline can help with cognitive development.  Children learn through play and jumping and balancing on the trampoline can accelerate their ability for greater control of their movements and balance.  This will further enhance their confidence and self-esteem as they acquire greater appreciation and control over their growing bodies.

Trampolining also helps to develop motor skill because of the need to maintain both height and balance simultaneously while responding to gravitational forces. Thus, all sides of the body and brain are involved in the exercise.

The trampoline is also a fantastic exercise platform for adults.  Exercising for 10 minutes on the trampoline provides the same cardiovascular benefit as 45 minutes of normal exercise. 

Which trampoline should I buy?
Jumping on trampoline is recognized as a form of international sport.  Trampoline provides hours of fun and exercise for the whole family.   You need to consider various aspects when purchasing trampoline, such as who is using it, how many people are going to use it, how big is the space, the ability of the people who will be using it, etc. 

As a high quality trampoline is an expensive item, you need to carefully study the trampoline itself, i.e. type of materials, number of springs, poles and legs, types of enclosure net, thickness of foam, etc.  

The bouncing factor relates to the structure of the trampoline.  Trampoline with optimum number of springs on soldi steel frame and legs will provide fantastic bounce. The longer and bigger diameter of Springs, the better bounce.   

Which type and size of trampoline should I consider?
Once you are ready to buy trampoline, the first thing you should look at is the space where you will place your trampoline.  You need to have adequate space around your trampoline.  Round trampoline is probably the most convenient and easy to use.  It is designed to keep the jumper in the center of the mat. 

Rectangular trampolines provide larger space for jumping and suitable for bigger space.  Rectangle trampoline provides fantastic bounce and can be used when many kids jumping at the same time or when doing tricks.  It is most suitable for people interested in gymnastics and people who want to exercise hard.  Square trampolines are constructed similarly to rectangular trampolines.

Where should I place trampoline?
Trampoline should be placed on level surface only and have a minimum of 24 feet of overhead clearance.

How much should I spend on a trampoline?
There are so many kinds of trampoline.  If compared externally, you may not be able to tell the differences.  Cheap and good trampoline doesn’t exist.  If the trampoline is offered at cheap price, please double check specifications and features.  Broadly speaking, high quality trampoline uses high quality materials and therefore cost more.

Important things to compare are: Springs – the optimum for 14ft is 96 springs because it will provide good and smooth bounce.  Legs – trampoline from 12 feet up should have six legs.  Six legs will be more sturdy and last longer than four legs. Enclosure Net – trampoline model that have enclosure net inside the trampoine and separate from the poles will cost more and the net will allow kids to maximize freedom from jumping.  The inside net is safer than traditional net as it eliminates the chance of kids jumping onto the springs and minimizes the risk from accidents from hitting the net poles.  Spring Pad Cover – check out whether the pad cover is made of PVC or PE and how thick the PVC is.  The 550g is the best and last much longer than the thinner ones.

In addition, look for companies or importers that are in business for the long term.  They should have a showroom and be able to provide after sales consultations.  Also, make sure that you are able to buy spare parts for your trampoline.

Trampoline is very popular in the US, Europe and Australasia.  The comparable quality type of SmartPlayOnly trampoline that sold in Europe, US and Australia is retailed for US$1,800 (16 ft).

Where is trampoline manufactured?
China has become increasingly important as a manufacturing base for trampolines and exports to all over the world.  The reputable manufacturing centers in China produce trampoline at high standard and the trampolines must pass quality and safety standards before being granted relevant certificates (TUV-GS, EN).


What are the differences between Standard and Premium version of SmartPlayOnly Trampolines?
The differences can be classified into three major categories: (1) the Safety Factor (enclosure net), (2) the Bouncing Factor (jumping mat and springs), and (3) the Durability Factor (spring pad cover).
The Safety Factor refers to enclosure net.  The Premium range uses a free standing net, which minimizes the risk of hitting the poles or stepping onto the  springs.   The Standard Range uses the enclosure net connected to the poles. Nowadays, people in Europe and North America are using more and more free standing enclosure net because it is considered safer.
The Bouncing Factor, which derives from the shape of the springs and the material of jumping mat. The Premium version uses tapered spring design and the springs are also longer, which results in better bouncing dynamics.  The material of jumping mat of Premium version is imported from USA (Permatron®), while the Standard one’s is made in China. 
The Durability Factor is referred to materials used on accessories.  For example, the quality of spring pad cover on premium range is far superior to standard ones and last longer, specifically the spring pad cover on Premium range is 550g PVC for top and bottom vis-à-vis Standard’s 310g PVC.