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8 Sizes: (1) M18F (2) M18 (3) R54 - 8 ft (4) R79 - 10 ft (5) O77 - 2.4 *3.4 m (6) O92 - 2.4 *4m (7) S113 - 3.4*3.4m (8) S155 - 4*4 m
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Code : R54
Springfree R 54 Free Step & Hoop (2.5 m. 8 ft) Compact Round
Our smallest trampoline provides plenty of jumping room. A soft bounce suitable for little jumpers and smaller backyards.
Price: 83,300.00 THB
Special: 76,800.00 THB
Quantity :

Code : R79
Springfree R 79 Free Step & Hoop (3.0 m. 10 ft) Medium Round
Our medium round trampoline
is the best of both worlds -
not too big and not too small.
A soft bounce designed for
medium-sized yards
and children of all ages.
Price: 100,500.00 THB
Special: 94,000.00 THB
Quantity :

Code : O77
Springfree O77 Free Step & Hoop (2.4 m *3.4 m) Medium Oval
Our medium oval trampoline maximises the space in your backyard - plenty of jumping room with yard space to spare. A soft bounce designed for children of all ages.
Price: 100,500.00 THB
Special: 94,000.00 THB
Quantity :

Code : O92
Springfree O92 Free Step & Hoop (2.4 m *4 m) Large Oval
Our large oval trampoline
is great for families with children
of all ages. A soft,
responsive bounce designed
to fit in narrow yards
Price: 105,500.00 THB
Special: 99,000.00 THB
Quantity :

Code : S113
Springfree S113 Free Step & Hoop (3.4 m. * 3. 4 m.) Large Square
Our large square trampoline
has a soft bounce and plenty
of jumping space.
Designed for large yards
and children (and adults!) of all ages.
Price: 111,500.00 THB
Special: 10,500.00 THB
Quantity :

Code : S155
Springfree S155 Free Step & Hoop (4 m. * 4 m.) Jumbo Square
Our jumbo square trampoline
has an energetic bounce
for active jumpers.
Designed for spacious
backyards and everyone
from big to small
Price: 116,500.00 THB
Special: 110,000.00 THB
Quantity :

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