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Trampoline Exercise Program Trampoline Workout


eryone knows trampolines are fun, but not everyone knows that jumping on a trampoline is a great workout. It not only develops excellent proprioception (body awareness), but it also burns a ton of fat and calories. And did you know that the rhythmic bouncing has a powerful effect on the lymphatic system, which builds a stronger immune system? Both adults and children can benefit from regular exercise on a full size trampoline or a rebounder (a small trampoline).

A trampoline provides exercise that is easy on the joints, very low in stress, and great for the body.

It's easy to start a trampoline regimen. Buy a mini-trampoline for your living room and jump while watching your favorite TV show, or bounce to a trampoline workout video. For tons of family fun, buy a large trampoline for the backyard. Start jumping on your trampoline for 30 minutes a day and bounce away your pounds.

Benefits of Trampoline Exercise

Children and adults who regularly jump on a trampoline reap many benefits from the exercise, beyond weight loss. Studies have shown that trampoline jumping can:

Affect academic success? By helping a child learn to control his or her body movement, it can help a child learn. Because a trampoline teaches muscle control and coordination, many children see an improvement academically with the regular use of a trampoline.
Improve self-esteem? People gain confidence as they master new skills on the trampoline. This can translate into a better self-image that may help improve success in every area of life.

Teach persistence? It often takes many tries to master a skill on the trampoline, but because it is so much fun, people often persist. This reinforces the important lesson that doing something right is worth the effort.

The many benefits of jumping on a trampoline make it a fantastic activity for adults and children, but it is important to remember that children should always be supervised when on the trampoline. Netted ? can be purchased to keep you from bouncing off and becoming injured.






Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline
21 Benefits of Trampoline Exercise